The band was formally organized in 1978 under the direction of Lambert Morris, who was band director at Beaverton High School. However, the roots of the band can be traced to an earlier time, when interested musicians answered a recruitment ad in the paper and appeared for practice.

The City of Beaverton Mayor’s Office has been a generous supporter of the band since its formal organization. With the help of Mayors Larry Cole through our current Mayor Dennis Doyle, the tradition of city band concerts in the park continues today.

Period Director
1978-1982 Lambert Morris
1983-1984 Keith Eide
1985-1989 Dan Ogren
1990 Lambert Morris
David Matthys
1991-1992 Dan Ogren
1978-1982 Lambert Morris
Jerry McAlister
1993-2002 Adair Hilligoss
2003 Larry Erickson
Jerry McAlister
Steve Fleischmann
Richard Brown
2003-2005 Warren Baker
2005-2009 Dr. John K. Richards
2009-2014 Elizabeth Zinger
2014-present Martin Sobelman