Aug 31, 2021 Update

From the Band Board of Directors,

The current pandemic has changed,  and in some cases eliminated, Arts & Cultural organizations across the US.

Because the Board believes in proactive engagement with our members we have been able to keep our musicianship alive. But the band has been on life-support due to the lack of revenue income, inability to meet in person, venues closed to audiences and performance groups, and the waning of our fundamental skills as musicians. What we have done to keep the interest going is schedule virtual performances, some of which are posted on our website and YouTube under Beaverton Community Band, rehearse in a miniature horse arena in Hillsboro, and hold an outdoor rehearsal this summer in a local park. This has really helped the core of the band to invest themselves emotionally and allow for a much needed break from the challenges of the pandemic.

Going forward we have a set of members that are fully vaccinated as an offer to possible venues allowing us to use their facilities. We have not received firm replies as yet given the dynamics of COVID and local and government health guidance. But we are hopeful we can begin indoor rehearsals soon in prep for a November 14th concert.

We encourage you to go to the Beaverton Community Band YouTube channel to see our virtual performances plus look for future concert announcements on this website.

Thank you again for your support of Beaverton Community Band and we hope to see you at our next concert.

Mayne Mihacsi,
President, Beaverton Community Band